Thai Airways First Class Airbus A380 Sitz

The Thai Airways First Class in the Airbus A380 is the flagship product on the airline. Best I can tell, flying with Thai Airways is really enjoyable and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more about what to expect of this product in this extensive airline review! There are a couple flight experiences, which are just totally unique. The Thai Airways First Class definitely is one of those and if you have the… Read More

Singapore Airlines Business Class Airbus A380

The Singapore Airlines Business Class in the Airbus A380 is a phenomenal experience. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of a flight with Singapore Airlines! Nowadays, Singapore Airlines has two different configurations in its Airbus A380 planes. Most of the jets still have the product I’m reviewing here, while two jets have a refurbished product, which I hope to review soon, too. Nevertheless, I think that the Singapore Airlines… Read More

After having already released 5 pictures of the new Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Business Class, here’s the coverage of my follow-up flight in the Airbus A380 to Melbourne! As the aircraft was relatively empty on the rare of the upper deck, I had a great night sleep. While the food and the service were good again, I was not as impressed as on my previous flight. You’ll find an extensive review of… Read More

Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa is one of the biggest carriers in Europe and offers flights to dozens of intercontinental destinations. We took the opportunity to try Lufthansa long haul Business Class on a flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg and back in an Airbus A380, the biggest aircraft in the fleet. As we had the pleasure to try the newest Business Class product, we absolutely enjoyed our flight. Check out our rating of Lufthansa (long haul… Read More