Booking my flights to Australia last summer was rather last-minute and given the relatively low prices, I decided to give Malaysia Airlines a try. As I needed to head back to the UK after my trip to Australia and New Zealand anyways, flying from London was the best possible option. In total I had four flights with Malaysia Airlines: LHR – KUL (night-time): Airbus A380-800; two dinners and a snackbox KUL- SYD (night-time):… Read More

Etihad Airways Boeing 787

The Etihad Airways Business Class in the Boeing 787 is the flagship product of Etihad in Business Class. This exact same product is also to be found in the Airbus A380 (review to follow). After having flown several different business class products, I must say that the new Etihad Airways Business Class definitely is among the best products out there. Read why in our extensive airline review! On my recent trip to… Read More

Jet Airways

The Jet Airways domestic Economy Class is one of the many ways to travel between bigger cities in India. Jet Airways connects dozens of cities in India and offers a hot meal, comfortable seats and a decent seat pitch on all flights. Learn more about the Jet Airways domestic Economy in our airline review! The Jet Airways domestic Economy Class is one of many ways to get around in India. We’ve already… Read More

Avianca Brazil is the fourth largest airline in Brazil and mainly operates regional flights. The airline got part of Star Alliance in 2015 and operates relatively independent from its namesake Avianca. While TAM definitely dominates the market in Brazil, I was looking forward to reviewing Avianca Brazil. Read whether you should try Avianca Brazil yourself in our airline review! Check out our rating of Avianca Brazil! Flying Avianca Brazil was something I… Read More

Jet Airways

The Jet Airways domestic Première Class feels really exclusive compared to what is called Business Class in Europe. Depending on the type of airplane, there are either two or three Business Class rows in a 2-2 configuration. Moreover, the catering is far superior to what is offered in Economy Class, which definitely makes the Jet Airways Première Class an interesting option for travel within India! As we’ve been flying the Jet Airways… Read More

American Airlines Boeing 777-200

American Airlines has several different configurations in the long haul Business Class. The Boeing 777-200 alone comes with two different configurations. While we’ll review the old Business Class at a later point, this review features the new American Airlines Boeing 777-200 Business Class. The product is the same as in the Boeing 787, which we reviewed earlier. Yet, this airline review shows you that there are some differences anyway! Having the pleasure… Read More

EasyJet Airbus A319

EasyJet is one of the biggest airlines in Europe, but as I’m a geek when it comes to points and miles, I didn’t fly them in any of my first 150 flights. This however changed late in 2015 when I jumped onto the opportunity to finall review EasyJet on a flight from Berlin to Barcelona and back. While expecting the worst, I have to admit that EasyJet is not all that bad…. Read More

Jet Airways

The Jet Airways long haul Business Class is a rather difficult product to review as there are three different configurations besides the airline just having a few long haul airplanes. When booking my Jet Airways Business Class flight, I decided I’d have to fly an Airbus A330-200 to try the “best” product available. While expecting a lot, I was not any disappointed after my flight with Jet! Check out our rating of… Read More

Jet Airways Boeing 777

The Etihad Airways long haul Economy has been reviewed by us in the past, but as the fleet is anything but homogenous, it’s worth also reviewing the Etihad Airways Economy Class on a Jet Airways Boeing 777 operated by Etihad. The airplane looks totally different, the seating is not as good as the one of Etihad, but at least the service and the food are the same. We reviewed the Etihad Airways… Read More

Etihad First Class Seat

Etihad Airways First Class may not be the flagship product of Etihad Airways, but it definitely is one of the most comfortable ways to fly in the whole word. We had the pleasure to try the amazing Etihad Airways First Class on a Jet Airways configured Boeing 777 on our flight from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi and couldn’t have had a better experience. There’s rarely any negative point about the Etihad Airways… Read More