British Airways A320

British Airways was one of the airlines on our list for a long time. Just a few weeks after testing the British Airways service operated by Comair in South Africa, we were keen on trying the mainline in Great Britain. Flying with the Airbus A320 jet in Economy Class from Munich to London was surprisingly enjoyable. Modern seats, solid food and friendly service made our flight a very good one! Check out… Read More

Lufthansa is known for its brilliant long-haul first class, but not at all for its premium product on short haul flights. Nevertheless, the Lufthansa Business Class on regional flights is not bad. While service and food are very good, the seating is average at best. Is paying extra for business class on Lufthansa regional flights worth it? Check out our rating of Lufthansa (regional Business)! Our regional flight in the Lufthansa Business… Read More