South Africa

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Cape Buffalo

Who is not fascinated by South African divers landscape and the pure magic of its sunsets? Not to forget about the unique wildlife which cannot be found anywhere else. Giraffes, elephants, lions – usually just to be admired in a zoo. However, when we traveled to South Africa this August, we had an amazing time at Shambala Game Reserve. Step by step, we were lucky enough to fulfil a big wish: seeing four of… Read More

Big Five Lion South Africa

When staying at Shambala Private Game Reserve where the Big Five can be found, we are of course trying our best to see them in their natural environment. But it is so huge, so unfortunately, we weren’t able to spot the leopard yet. Anyways, here are photos of the “big four”: Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Elephant!

Zurich has many attractions, but one of the most interesting ones is unquestionably the zoo. Located high above the city, it is in a very natural setting. Many areas are very modern, so the animals got enough space to move. Especially the new elephant house, one of the largest ones in the world, is worth a mention. Follow us on our tour through the amazing Zoo Zurich! Find more content about Zurich on… Read More

Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

Even though this may not be a world-famous tourist attraction, it is the world’s largest walk-in bird park: The bird park in Kuala Lumpur (yeah I know, we experienced pretty much in the capital of Malaysia! – Feel free to have a look at our city review). If you’re interested in seeing some pretty rare and exotic birds, a bird park always is a good choice. If it’s on top one of the biggest of… Read More