Running in Antwerp

Running in Antwerp was a… well, rainy experience. While I actually enjoyed quite nice weather when visiting, my run in the morning happened under such big circumstances that the pictures are… well, according to the conditions. I started running at Hilton Antwerp and decided to head in the direction of the river. While in theory quite a nice route with lots of scenic buildings, it wasn’t too amazing due to the weather… Read More

Hilton Antwerp

Hilton Antwerp is one of only few luxury hotels in the „Diamond City“. The hotel could hardly be better located in the immediate center of Antwerp and has a somewhat historic charm. Yet, the property is quite outdated in several regards, but has a lot of potential. Check out our extensive hotel review to learn more about Hilton Antwerp! Upon arriving at Hilton Antwerp I was surprised by an incredible upgrade. While… Read More

Stadhuis Antwerp

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of checking out beautiful Antwerp! Here are some impressions, which will instantly make you want to go! Stay tuned for our extensive review of the city!

Hilton Antwerp

Time for more new impressions from the travel world! Hilton Antwerp was kind enough to get me an upgrade to the best suite of the house due to my Diamond membership. Wow! Stay tuned for the extensive review to be released in a couple of weeks!