InterContinental Hayman Island Resort Pool

The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort is an absolutely stunning luxury hotel in Australia. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why there are many reasons to come back, but also a couple things to be critical of. Interestingly, Australis isn’t exactly a country with a high number of ultra-luxury hotels. The Hayman Island Resort though, has always been one of the most famous places in the country. It re-opened after extensive renovations this… Read More

Cairns Promenade

Cairns is a charming city in the North of Queensland in Australia. In this extensive city guide, we’ll explain what you need to see in Cairns and around! There are many fascinating cities in Australia and Cairns sure isn’t the same kind of city as Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Even Adelaide feels much more like a metropolis than Cairns does. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the city in the very North isn’t… Read More

West Hotel Sydney Room

The West Hotel Sydney is a charming boutique hotel in the city center of the largest city in Australia. In this extensive hotel review, we’ll explain what you can expect of staying at the newest member of this Curio Collection by Hilton property. Sydney has quite some different luxury hotels and I’ve tried quite a few, including the Harbour Rocks Hotel and the InterContinental Sydney. Classification: Five Stars Room Category: Arcadia Room… Read More

Phillip Island Nature Park

Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia, is a really beautiful place that’s often not mentioned in guides about ‘Must See’ places in the country. However, I’d highly recommend doing a day trip from Melbourne as I really loved the scenery! You can find more content about Melbourne on our city page! If you happen to visit Australia, Melbourne most probably is on your list of cities to visit and I have to say:… Read More

Canberra is the capital of Australia and often overlooked when it comes to cities in Australia. However, I thought that the city, while small, is definitely interesting enough to visit. Read why in this extensive city guide! I’ve been to quite a few cities over the course of the last years and particularly liked the Australian ones, be it Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. While I re-visited a few of those, I also… Read More

XPT Train

The XPT Train First Class is a comfortable way to travel between cities on the East and South Coast of Autralia. It’s everything but fast, but even for longer distances, I think it’s a fun experience as you’ll read in this extensive review! I’m originally from Germany (the home of the ICE) and I’ve lived in France (the home of the TGV) for a while, plus I enjoyed high-speed trains in China…. Read More

Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne

The Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne is one of two domestic lounges of the Australian airline on its secondary hub in Melbourne. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of the lounge. You can find more content about Melbourne on our city page!  When looking for a domestic lounge in Melbourne flying Qantas, you’ll first find the Qantas Club Melbourne. Inside of this lounge, there’s the entrance to the Qantas Business… Read More

Running in Adelaide

Running in Adelaide is a very nice experience due to lots of parks, nice paths along the river and more. In this running guide, I’ll explain why I liked Adelaide for running very much! You can find more content about Adelaide on our city page! I was lucky enough to go running in Adelaide on a mild morning, making up for a great atmosphere to go for a run. It was a… Read More

Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney

While Sydney definitely has many highlights, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is not often mentioned. That is quite a shame as this place is one of the most tranquil areas in the whole city. In this special I’ll help you get an idea of why visiting is worth it. You can find more content about Sydney on our city page! During my few days in Sydney, I had the great chance to… Read More

Running in Melbourne

Running in Melbourne was a very enjoyable experience. Why? Because Melbourne is in fact one of the nicest metropolises for running. In this guide, I’ll help you to get an idea on why you should go running in the Australian city as well! You can find more content about Melbourne on our city page! Regular readers of this blog know that I actually prefer a run along the river or in nature… Read More