Railjet Prague

The Railjet is an Austrian passenger train, which runs to a couple of different countries from major Austrian cities. There are trains to Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Czech Republic), Zurich (Switzerland) and more. In this review, I’ll show you what to expect of the Railjet Second Class. If you are living in Central Europe or have been visiting Europe a couple of times, you’ll know that train travel is a… Read More

City Hall of Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and a real magnet when it comes to tourism. Not only the protected historical old town, but especially the Spanish Riding School are really worth visiting. Below, you can check out what to do and see in Vienna! Stroll through Vienna’s historical old town Most of the Old Town in Vienna is a pedestrian zone which makes it very easy and comfortable to get around. The… Read More

Last week, we focused on our experiences in Austria. Several interesting posts about Salzburg and Vienna will make you want to visit Austria instantly. But that’s not all we had on the blog last week. Amazing hotels are always worth a mention! New York is known for its taxis, but there are also several other means of transport! Starting the Austria experience: Our thorough review of the renowned Hotel Sacher Salzburg! Airlines from… Read More

National Library Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Vienna is most known for the Spanish Riding School, but also for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who spent most years of his life in Vienna. So, the city of Vienna which I review now has definitely tradition, which can also be seen when admiring the historical architecture in the old town of Vienna! Find more content about Vienna on our… Read More

Taking a train to get from A to B can be a really good alternative to flying. When we travelled from Munich to Vienna, we decided to not hop onto a plane, but took the train instead. I already took the pretty new Austrian high speed train Railjet a few years ago and I loved it. Due to that, we decided against the ICE and to give the Railjet another try. It… Read More

In Vienna, I was lucky enough to have a great location to start my run. However, I was not close as lucky with the weather. When I woke up that morning, it was rainy, cold and foggy. No perfect conditions for a run, but what you can’t change is something you shouldn’t care about. So I decided to just run nevertheless. And believe or not, I actually enjoyed the “rainy run”. You… Read More

Salzburg in Austria is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been so far. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone has heard about Salzburg yet because of one very famous and important composer of the 18th century: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is also known to be the city of Mozart. We discovered Salzburg on a beautiful winter day by foot, imagining to follow Mozart’s steps about over 200 years later. You will see… Read More

Even though Niki (HG) is mentioned as a low-cost carrier at times, the airline does a fairly well job in my opinion. There were few airline reviews that I was looking forward to writing like this one. With good catering, a nice little airplane and very good staff, Niki made our “ride” very comfortable. A funny note: We like Niki more than its way bigger sister Air Berlin. Check out our rating… Read More

Even though the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront is located a bit outside the city, we chose the hotel our one day residence in Vienna. The rooms are lovely and big, the bathroom is the opposite. Have you stayed at a luxury hotel in Vienna yet?