Dhawa Jinshanling Resort

The Dhawa Jinshanling Hotel is located a few hours away from Beijing, right next to the Chinese Wall. In this hotel review, I’ll explain why staying here is quite an experience with some strings attached. Visiting the Chinese Wall definitely is a once in a lifetime experience, which I’d rate as high as visiting Machu Picchu and the Pyramids of Gizeh. Classification: Four Stars Room Category: Standard Room Month of Stay: October… Read More


The charms of the Banyan Tree Hangzhou cannot be underestimated for either the vacation or business traveler and it is no surprise this was a prize location as a welcome respite as world leaders met to try to solve the world’s problems during September’s G20 Summit. This article is a guest contribution by Kathryn Creedy (some photos are also by Simone Anne Lang) The Banyan Tree Hangzhou’s 72 suites and villas are nestled in… Read More