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Santa Monica Sunset

On our way back from South America, we made a stop-over in Santa Monica to split up the long journey. Despite having lived in California for a few months I had never made it down to Hollywood and Santa Monica, so this was the ideal chance for me to get a glimpse of it. As we didn’t want to spend our limited time on any Hollywood or Film tours, we just decided… Read More

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort Beach

We’ve already shared our impressions of our stay at the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort. In this post, we also want to give you an impression of the private island, which is called Silhouette Island. While private might sound small, it is in fact the third biggest island of the Seychelles and a massive national park with incredible beaches, but also a different kind of landscape with vast nature and rocky slopes. Stay… Read More

Santa Monica Pier

Sunny stop-over in Los Angeles before our return to Germany! To break up the long journey back home from Chile, we decided to spend a night in Santa Monica. Certainly a good decision as you can see! As usual, stay stuned for a more extensive post of our short stop in Los Angeles here on!

Running next to the sea with the sun on your back. Is there anything more amazing than that? I’m actually not sure. I personally absolutely loved running in Heiligendamm, a little German village on the Baltic Sea. Even though it was a tough run due to the wet and deep sand, running at the beach was something I was looking forward to for a long time! Find more content about Heiligendamm on our city page!… Read More

Three awesome places, one name. “Cheval Blanc” is one of the most exclusive hotel chains in the world. To get an impression, we want to preview a beautiful resort in the Caribbean for you: St. Barth Isle de France, a luxury hotel on one of the most amazing and calm islands in the whole Caribbean. A place many people are dreaming of visiting someday. Luxury hotels are not really comparable in many regards,… Read More

ME Ibiza Restaurant

Usually, we do love visiting city hotel more than holiday resorts, but some of these tend to be pretty interesting nevertheless. One of the hideaways we’ll definitely visit in the future is the ME Ibiza. The recently opened hotel on the Balearic Islands and is located right at the beachfront. The resort offers several different room types as well as many pools. When you are thinking of Ibiza, you usually won’t think… Read More