Bologna is known to be a very interesting destination for tourists. That’s not only due to the rich history, but also due to the many cultural offerings and, for sure, the great food! Sadly, I just had a single day to experience Bologna. Nevertheless, I immensely enjoyed the city due to many reasons. It’s not only that you can enjoy great food when visiting Bologna, but there’s also a lot to see…. Read More

Inner City Bologna

Bologna is located in the North of Italy and has a very rich history. Not only is Bologna interesting when it comes to architecture and culture, but also for having the oldest university in the world! As Bologna has so much to offer, here are our top things to do and see. Visit Basilica Santo Stefano The basilica Santo Stefano in Bologna is not only a church. Instead, it is a whole… Read More

Inner City Bologna

New journey is about to begin. Bologna was the first city on our way, yet just a short stopover. The few hours we spent strolling around in the city were very sunny and we had a great time in the historical city!