Botanical Garden Rio de Janeiro 3

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is an interesting attraction in Rio de Janeiro. While the Botanical Garden comes with a small entrance fee, it is truly worth the money. This particular Botanical Garden might not be that similar to European versions, but comes with its very own flair. You can find more content about Rio de Janeiro on our city page! Having some spare time on one evening in Rio de… Read More

Garden Route Botanical Garden

The Garden Route Botanical Garden is somewhat the only real attraction in George. As we enjoyed the pleasure to stay at Fancourt Hotel George, we decided to spend the small botanical garden a visit. To be honest, the Garden Route Botanical Garden was a little disappointing, but is a great park if you want to go for a hike or running! Find more content about the Garden Route! George is one of… Read More

Park Kuala Lumpur

It is one thing to have vacation with your family and get there by car. It is another thing to fly “away” to another country on a regional distance. But it is a completely other thing if you’ve only slept for two hours the night before your daytrip and connecting flight which takes twelve hours! Nevertheless, we did make the long journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As soon as we were ready for… Read More