The Finnish capital Helsinki has a very diverse public transportation system. It consists of regional trains, underground trains, tram lines, buses and even ferries that connect the city with the islands close to Helsinki. There is also a pretty solid connection to the Helsinki Vantaa Airport and a modern system that allows using a single ticket for all means of transport. Find more content about Helsinki on our city page! Finland is a highly developed… Read More

Lisbon is one of the cities where the transportation system is very fragmented. There are trams, buses, metros, funiculars, ferries and some alternative means of transport. Even though that sounds complicated in the beginning, the transportation system in Lisbon is pretty easy to get along with when having a closer look. Our transportation guide will definitely help you by doing so! Find more content about Lisbon on our city page! First of all,… Read More

Luxembourg is not a large city by any means. Public transportation is pretty easy to understand due to that fact. However, the elevations throughout the country and the city make it a little tough to build efficient transportation structures. Due to that, transportation in Luxembourg mainly relies on buses. For tourists, these are pretty easy and convenient to use. Find more content about Luxembourg on our city page! When writing about transportation in… Read More

Zurich may be the biggest city in Switzerland. However, it’s not a very large city. As a tourist, you are able to explore pretty much everything by foot. Yet, the public transportation system is very decent as well. There are trains, trams, buses, taxis and even some boats that are connecting different parts of Zurich with each other. Transportation in Zurich is an experience in itself. Find more content about Zurich on our city… Read More

Getting from one point to another in Kaliningrad is not that tough as the city is pretty small compared to other cities in Russia. However, public transportation is necessary on some routes. If you don’t speak Russian, you’ll have a hard time for sure. Information on the topic is rare, so you should definitely read our transportation guide before travelling to Kaliningrad. Find more content about Kaliningrad on our city page! Usually, transportation… Read More

Usually, our transportation guides are focusing on several different means of transportation. But when it comes to transportation in Malmö, it is pretty easy to sum up all major facts. The public transportation system in the Swedish city is organized by buses solely. Moreover, there are taxis and bicycles that both play an equally important role in Malmö. Find more content about Malmö on our city page! As a small town, Malmö does… Read More

Geneva is a city with a rich culture and an interesting history. At the same time, the Swiss city is a modern metropolis with a great public transportation system. For tourists, that makes it very easy to get from one place to another. Knowledge about the public transportation system is really important for tourists as everyone who is staying at a hotel, youth hostel or campsite is getting a complimentary “Geneva Transport… Read More

When we arrive in a new city, the first thing we are thinking about is „how to get to our hotel?“. So what is really important for us? You’re right, it’s transportation! As we think that every traveler does need to know a lot about transportation before coming to a city, we want to introduce you to a new series on traveluxblog: Transportation in … Jakarta! Jakarta. What a weird choice for a… Read More