Fort National Saint Malo

Saint Malo is a really charming city in the North of France, located right next to Dinard. In this city guide, we’re showing you what you need to see and why visiting Saint Malo is such a great experience. You can find more content about Saint Malo on our city page! There are many interesting city in the North-West of France, one of those is Saint Malo. The city is just a… Read More

Dinard Bay

Dinard is a really charming coastal city in the Bretagne. Located not far away from St. Malo, the city might not boast dozens of sights, but offers charming bays, beaches and more. You can find more content about Dinard on our city page! This will be one of the shorter destination or city guides here on traveluxblog as Dinard isn’t really a big city, but rather just a larger town. It’s a… Read More

Dijon Old Town

Dijon is known for its mustard, but the city has a lot more to offer than this. In our Dijon City Guide, we’re explaing what you need to know about visiting Dijon and its many sights! You can find more content about Dijon on our city page! Over the course of last months we’ve visited dozens of cities and France and while I also enjoyed visiting Dijon, it wouldn’t be on top… Read More

Ancienne Douane Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the biggest city in the French region of Alsace and one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the whole country. In this city guide, we’re explanig what you should see in the city. You can find more content about Strasbourg on our city page! The French city Strasbourg is located right on the border to Germany, making it an interesting destination for everyone living close to the city in… Read More

Place du Vieux Marche Rouen

Rouen is a French city located North of Paris. The harbor town has a high historic significance and is a lovely destination for tourists. In this city guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about visiting Rouen! You can find more content about Rouen on our city page! If you are looking for a destination of the beaten track, Rouen surely is a good option. Why? Because the city isn’t far… Read More

München Gebäude

It’s a little odd that this Munich City Guide is just released now as I’ve literally been everywhere on the planet, but have never gotten around writing about a city that close to me. Thus, I wanted to take some time to briefly explain what makes Munich worth visiting! You can find more content about Munich on our city page! I’ve been to Munich many times, but as it is with cities… Read More

Grand Place Lille

Lille is located in French Flanders close to France’s northern border with Belgium. It is the fifth largest French urban area and a great place to visit. You can find more content about Lille on our city page! Due to its location near the border, Lille spreads some of the charm known from other Belgian towns. You can also see the Flemish influence in the architecture of Lille’s houses – many residential areas… Read More

Colmar is a little town situated in the Alsace region of north-eastern France. Not only is it known for its beautiful old town, but also for being part of the Alsacian Wine Route. You can find more content about Colmar on our city page! Its location close to the German border makes it a popular destination for German day-trip tourists. During our trip we connected a visit in the German city of… Read More

Würzburg Residenz

Würzburg is a medium-sized German city close to Frankfurt. The Bavarian city has a troubled past and was mostly destroyed in the Second World War. However, there are still several nice areas, making Würzburg a very interesting city to visit! You can find more content about Würzburg on our city page! In this City Guide, we’ll explain what you should see in Würzburg and why visiting is an enjoyable experience. To be… Read More

Maine River Angers

Angers is a French city, located approximately 200 kilometers West of Paris. The city has a lot of history and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, in my opinion. Check out this city guide to learn more about Angers! You can find more content about Angers on our city page! You may not have heard of Angers before, especially as France has o many other beautiful cities like… Read More