Dubai Jumeirah Skyline

Dubai is one of the biggest metropolises on this planet and is known for its many skyscrapers. At the same time, the city doesn’t have a lot of history. In this City Guide, I’ll explain why visiting Dubai is not for everyone and what you should see when visiting! You can find more content about Dubai on our city page! Dubai is one of those cities, which some people find amazing, while… Read More

Metz Moyen Port

Metz is a city in the East of France, located in the Moselle Department. With its historic charm, Metz is also a touristic destination. However, I personally liked other cities in France somewhat more than Metz. Nevertheless, I’ll get you an idea of what to expect in this extensive city guide. You can find more content about Metz on our city page! First of all, it is worth noting that our trip… Read More

Triest Ponte Rosso Canal

Trieste is an often overlooked city in Italy, which comes with a very charming city center, an old castle and much more. The location of Trieste very close to the Slovenian border and right by the sea, makes it an amazing destination for tourists. In this City Guide, I’ll explain what you need to see when visiting Trieste! I’ve been to quite a few cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice, Milan, Bologna… Read More

lorence View from Porta San Niccolò

At the beginning of this year I was able to squeeze in a trip to visit my friend that studies in Florence. I have never been to Tuscany before but fell immediately in love with this Italian city – and not just because of the good food. I was blessed with gorgeous weather during my stay which made strolling through the city all the more enjoyable. There are so many beautiful piazzas… Read More

Montreal Old Town

Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec and the second French speaking city in the world after Paris. In this City Guide, I’ll explain what I’ve done and seen while visiting Montreal. There are many good reasons for you to pay the city a visit, too. There are some similiarities and some differences to other cities in North America, but see yourself! You can find more content about Montreal on our city… Read More

Ayutthaya Wat Maha That

Ayutthaya is the former capital of Thailand and located in the Chao Phraya River valley. It is about a one-hour drive away from Bangkok, but can also be reached by boat. Ayutthaya was founded in 1351 when it was proclaimed the capital of U Thong’s kingdom. It was the second Siamese capital after Sukhothai. In 1767, however, the city was destroyed by the Burmese. The former capital’s ruins are now a major… Read More

Grenoble View Point

At the beginning of the 2017 winter period we decided to do a little trip to Grenoble in the South-East of France near the Alps. We were lucky enough to have picked a somewhat snowy weekend, so despite it being cold and grey we also got to see snow for the very first time in France. The train ride from Paris took a good three hours, because for half of the journey… Read More

Mairie de Poitiers

Poitiers is a lovely French town in the region of Vienne. The city is known for its various historic facades and its interesting location on a mountain, making it quite difficult to even get to the core of the city. However, you should take the steps up as Poitiers is awaiting you with real beauty. You can find more content about Poitiers on our city page! In this city guide, I’ll try… Read More

Ljubljana Castle View

On our recent family trip to Slovenia, we made a stop in its capital: Ljubljana. While it is relatively small for a European capital, with less than 300,000 inhabitants, it has a beautiful town centre and a nice castle overlooking the city and river to offer. Due to its small size the city can be easily explored by walking. You can find more content about Ljubljana on our city page! While it… Read More

Macao View from Monte Fort

Macao, located on the south coast of China and a mere jump away from Hong Kong, offers not only a glamourous nightlife for the rich, but also a rich Portuguese heritage. With a total of around 30.5 squared kilometres, Macao isn’t really big for a region with a population of above 650000 people. Macao is known for its casinos and luxury hotels located in Cotai, but its actual city centre has much… Read More