Ankara Old Town

Ankara is not only the capital of Turkey, but also an interesting city to visit for tourists. There are several historic and cultural sights. In this city guide, we’ll explain why Ankara is well worth visiting. You can find more content about Ankara on our city page! I wasn’t really sure what to expect of visiting Ankara. Seriously, I only knew that Ankara was the capital of Turkey and didn’t think about… Read More

On our first trip to Ireland we visited the capital Dublin. The city combines historic elements with a modern lifestyle. Dublin is probably most well known for its Guiness Brewery, but has also gained importance as the European hub for several prominent companies’ headquarters. You can find more content about Dublin on our city page! Trinity College Dublin This is Ireland’s oldest university. The college was founded in 1592. Nowadays, it is located… Read More

We have already published two posts about London before, but there is just so much to see and do in London that we would like to share some of our recent highlights of our trip to London. Both, Moritz and I have been to London several times beforehand, but it was actually Moritz’ first time to experience sunny London! Although we visited London in January we were blessed with the most stunning… Read More

In Egypt we didn’t only just visit Alexandria and the Pyramids but also Egypt’s capital Cairo. Similarly to Alexandria it was difficult to get to places due to the immense traffic, but we managed to check out a few interesting places as well as visit the Egyptian Museum. Coptic Cairo We started off our sightseeing tour in Coptic Cairo which is part of Old Cairo. Inside a gated area you can find the Babylon… Read More

Bath Abbey

During the last two years while studying at the University of Exeter I had always planned to visit Bath, but never actually found time to do so. Fortunately, Moritz and I planned a relaxing get-away to Bath during cold November. Although we were quite unlucky with the weather, we were very impressed by the city and enjoyed our stay at The Gainsborough. Bath Spa is located in the county of Somerset, relatively… Read More

Florianopolis Skyline

Florianopolis is one of the biggest cities in Southern Brazil. While the area is known as a touristic hotspot due to the many great beaches, the city itself is nothing special. Yet, there’s enough to see for a day as you can read in our city review! You might ask why Europeans on their first trip to Brazil would decide to visit Florianopolis? Well, we had booked two nights at the incredible… Read More

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the eleventh largest city in the UK. It is situated in the south of Wales and hosts a number of sporting facilities such as the largest stadium of the entire United Kingdom. You can find more content about Cardiff on our city page! While we didn’t expect much of the weather in fall, Cardiff surprised us with lots of sun which made our trip truly… Read More

Mdina National Museum of Natural History

Mdina on Malta is also known as “the silent city”. Its history dates back about 4000 years. Once capital of Malta, the medieval city with just about 230 inhabitants, has kept most of its charm. During different times Mdina has according to its rulers been referred to in various ways. One of the names which still describe Mdina very well was: Citta Notabile (in English: the noble city). The name says it… Read More

Queenstown Harbour

Queenstown is an amazing spot in the south-west on the South Island of New Zealand. The resort town is located by Lake Wakatipu and amid the mountains (The Remarkables, Cecil Peak, Walter Peak). Due to its prime location it offers stunning views all around and is definitely worth a visit! You can find more content about Queenstown on our city page! Moreover, it is known for its skiing and adventure tourism. There… Read More

Invercargill is the Southernmost and Westernmost city of New Zealand, but is rarely known as a touristic hub. That might be because it is located in a rather remote spot. You can find more content about Invercargill on our city page! Unless you’re travelling along the Southern Scenic Route, you’ll most likely not stumble across this city. However, you won’t be missing out on much as the city is not very exciting… Read More