Bristol City Hall

Bristol is a city located in South West England. While it is not the most popular city in the UK, it has been featured by many travel guides and was named in 2014 as the best UK city to live in. You can find more content about Bristol on our city page! Due to its proximity to Exeter, where I currently study, I have visited Bristol a few times. While the city… Read More

During our recent Christmas holidays to Egypt, we also visited Alexandria. While we weren’t blessed with the best weather and had to fight the rather annoying traffic jams along the Corniche, we were still able to see a few interesting sites. You can find more content about Alexandria on our city page! Be aware that some of the nicest places in Alexandria are a little further away from the city center. Yet,… Read More

Dunedin Signal Hill Lookout

Dunedin is the second largest city on the South Island. Its name stems from the Scottish Gaelic language. Due to its Scottish heritage you can still find some traits from this past. The Scottish for example built some of the church in the city. You can find more content about Dunedin on our city page! While it is a rather small city population wise, it has some nice historical architecture. Moreover, it… Read More


Sydney is without any doubt one of the most fascinating metropolises in the Southern hemisphere. Tons of different attractions a unique location in a bay, make Sydney a city definitely worth visiting! You can find more content about Sydney on our city page! On my journey through Australia & New Zealand, Sydney was one of the destinations I was looking forward to visiting the most. I had the pleasure to enjoy two… Read More

Visiting Christchurch was somewhat weird and sad at the same time, as we could still see the results of the destructive force of the earthquake in 2011. Although most sights, especially the beautiful cathedral have been destroyed, you can still see why this used to be one of New Zealand’s most beautiful cities. Especially the green initiative put forward by its citizens and the beautiful botanical garden pleasantly surprised us. After touring… Read More

Wellington Mount Victoria

Wellington is not only the capital of New Zealand, but also the southernmost capital city as well as the world’s windiest city. New Zealand’s capital is much smaller than Auckland, but has nevertheless a lot to offer! You can find more content about Wellington on our city page! With just about less than 400,000 residents the city is on the rather small side. Nonetheless, it hosts the Government Building, several cultural institutions and most… Read More

Birmingham Statue

Birmingham, situated in the West Midlands, is the second largest city of the UK and has gained a prominent role in UK history during the Industrial Revolution. Find more content about Birmingham on our city page! The many museums today still hint at its important role in British manufacturing history as it was here where the industrial steam engine was invented. Nowadays the city gleams as an international commercial centre and an… Read More

Auckland Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park

Auckland is situated on the North Island of New Zealand and is its largest urban area in the country containing about 32 percent of the entire population. While that might sound like a lot, the city seemed rather small to us. Although its skyline is rather unimpressive, it has a nice small harbour, several frequent ferry routes to nearby islands as well as a few historic buildings. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time… Read More

Dusk Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is located in Brazil and is the biggest city on the Southern hemisphere with more than 12 million people living there. Even though Sao Paulo is nowadays mainly a huge business and finance city, it appears to be very enjoyable to just stroll around and see it through the eyes of a traveler. Find more content about Sao Paulo on our city page! While reading our city review of Sao… Read More

Dallas is a popular city in Texas, United States of America. In contrast to many European cities, Dallas has no old town. However, downtown Dallas is pretty interesting, even when the city’s history doesn’t date back to the Medieval Ages, but rather to 1841. Discovering Dallas can be easily done in one day. Read our city review about Dallas! When we strolled around in the area around the Omni Hotel Dallas the… Read More