One thing is for sure – we have been to many countries and cities all around the world on different continents. But when it comes to India, I guess this is the land where we had the craziest experiences and got a totally different perspective. Jaipur is probably the city which has most on offer when it comes to sightseeing. Jaipur is simply exciting and our city review of Jaipur tells you… Read More

Bengaluru is not one of the typical cities in India to visit for touristic purposes, but it is rather known for being the “Silicon Valley of India” as it is somewhat the Indian information technology (IT) capital. Getting around is a real issue just as in whole India in general as the traffic is horrible. As there is not really much to see, take some moments to read our city review of… Read More

Historic Center Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and a very important city when it comes to culture, politics and economics in Eastern Europe in general. Admittedly, Warsaw has parts which remind heavily of communism, but the rebuilt old town and several architectural interesting buildings and churches are definitely worth a glance! In our city review of Warsaw, we guide you a bit through the Polish capital. Find more content about Warsaw on our… Read More

Street Life Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world and the biggest city in India in general. Before 1996, the official name of the city was Bombay, which is the name most people living there still prefer. Mumbai is definitely a wide-spread city and depending on where you stay, there are many things to see. Our city review of Mumbai gives you an impression of the most visited and popular spots… Read More

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece and a perfect mirror of the life of Greeks. The great thing is that the weather is good and warm all year round. The not so great thing is that nothing ever really works out – at least for us. However, travelling Greece is always a bit like being thrown back in time which is because of ancient relics. Find more content about Thessaloniki… Read More

Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain and one of the most visited cities throughout Europe. Needless to say, this means that Barcelona has a lot on offer when it comes to sightseeing purposes! Especially Antoni Gaudí characterizes Barcelona. Whether it is Park Güell, La Sagrada Família or one of the architectural highlights designed by this architect – these gems are one of a kind! Learn more about Barcelona whilst reading… Read More

Venice City Review

Venice is a unique city in many regards. It is nowhere so easy to get totally lost – lost in admiring the stunning architecture, lost when strolling through the city on water, lost when seeing these cliché-gondolas and especially literally lost in Venice’s alleys. Venice definitely is special and here’s our city review! Find more content about Venice on our city page! Honestly, I don’t quite know where to start when it… Read More

Bucharest Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest is one of the lesser touristic capitals in Eastern Europe. Romania is a comparable poor country which can also partly be seen in its capital Bucharest. Nevertheless, a city trip to Bucharest sounds right perfect, as not everything in Bucharest is just shiny like in Prague or in Budapest, but rather adequate and real. This city review of Bucharest shows Romania’s capital through the eyes of travelers! The good thing about Eastern… Read More

Skyline Frankfurt (Main)

Frankfurt (Main) has the honor of having the biggest airport in Germany. With almost 60 million served passengers a year, Frankfurt (Main) is the main hub of Lufthansa. But why not stopping by for a day? Whether for business purposes or the interests of a traveler, the city of Frankfurt (Main) is well worth your time! Central Station Frankfurt (Main) Most probably, you will arrive at the central station in Frankfurt (Main)…. Read More

Johannesburg is located in South Africa and is a city I do not wish to return ever. To make it short, I detested this ugly, dirty city. All I wanted was to hide in the hotel and not leave it despite for the airport. But step by step, here’s why I hated Johannesburg. Find more content about Johannesburg on our city page! First of all, all major business seems to take place… Read More