Skyline Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a city we wanted to visit so badly for different reasons while traveling through South Africa, but had heavy problems to find accurate information or city reviews in advance. Admittedly, Port Elizabeth has some areas to avoid and it’s best to be back in the hotel by dusk, but there are more things to enjoy and to see when it’s daytime and bright outside! Find more content about Port… Read More

Cape Town may not be the capital of South Africa, but is definitely the most interesting city when it comes to tourism. There are many reasons for why it is so interesting, colorful and has many faces: Cape Town definitely has a rich history, having been forming the city ever since. A lot has changed the past 20 years since the end of Apartheid. Find more content about Cape Town on our… Read More

Amsterdam Grachten

When I tell you we flew with KLM, you probably know where we stopped first: Schiphol, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Which is kind of tough at about 8 am after a night with only two hours of sleep (flight in the morning, transfer way, time to spend on the airport before departure). Anyways, our day in Amsterdam was pretty interesting! Find more content about Amsterdam on our city page! Second stop, logically though:… Read More