Skyline Mumbai

Mumbai is nowadays one of the biggest cities in the world. However, inhabitants still prefer the name Bombay, which is how the city was named till 1996. India’s biggest city has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Read here what the top things to do and see are! See the Gateway of India The Gateway of India is Mumbai’s most popular landmark. Accordingly and not any surprisingly, this is… Read More

Pink City Jaipur

Nowadays, Jaipur is kind of a rich city due to its rapid grow mainly thanks to agriculture and the textile industry. When it comes to cities in India, Jaipur is probably the one which has to offer most when it comes to sightseeing. What to do and see there best can be read here! Visit Amber Fort Jaipur Fort Amber Jaipur is very impressive and a huge complex! Even though the entrance… Read More

Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Dubai connects history with modernity like rarely any other city. From the “souks” in the old city centre to the high rising skyscrapers at Jumeirah Beach, there’s a lot to see in Dubai! You can definitely be exicted about our city review coming up in a short while!

One thing is for sure – we have been to many countries and cities all around the world on different continents. But when it comes to India, I guess this is the land where we had the craziest experiences and got a totally different perspective. Jaipur is probably the city which has most on offer when it comes to sightseeing. Jaipur is simply exciting and our city review of Jaipur tells you… Read More

A week full of travelling lies behind us, mainly including airports, lounges, airplanes as well as hotels and cities. Due to that, there are a lot of current whereabouts in this look back on our week. However, we released our usual guides and reviews as well and thus gave extensive insights – check back whether you are up to date in our world of travelling! First of all, dream yourself away to… Read More

Cobacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro

Two more days of exploring Rio de Janeiro await us! Till now, we only got an impression of Copacabana Beach and a bit of the streets, but cannot wait for the Sugarloaf and more! Check back when our city review gets online!

Bengaluru is not one of the typical cities in India to visit for touristic purposes, but it is rather known for being the “Silicon Valley of India” as it is somewhat the Indian information technology (IT) capital. Getting around is a real issue just as in whole India in general as the traffic is horrible. As there is not really much to see, take some moments to read our city review of… Read More

Night Skyline Tokyo

First day of discovering Tokyo! The Japanese capital is very widespread, so today we explored the area around Asakusa. More days of exploring and thus an extensive city review are about to come!

Castell de Montjuic Barcelona

Throughout Europe, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities and the second biggest one in Spain after Madrid. When it comes to sightseeing, Barcelona has a hell lot to offer! Be it churches, works of Gaudi, witnesses of Barcelona’s history or modern skyscrapers – check out in advance what to do and see best in the city of Barcelona! Enjoy Tibidabo Barcelona Tibidabo is the name of the mountain overlooking Barcelona…. Read More

Historic Center Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and a very important city when it comes to culture, politics and economics in Eastern Europe in general. Admittedly, Warsaw has parts which remind heavily of communism, but the rebuilt old town and several architectural interesting buildings and churches are definitely worth a glance! In our city review of Warsaw, we guide you a bit through the Polish capital. Find more content about Warsaw on our… Read More