CPH Apartment Copenhagen Seating

CPH Apartment is one of several lounges at Copenhagen Airport. In the past, we’ve already reviewed the SAS Business Lounge Copenhagen. While I generally don’t expect too much of third party lounges, I actually found CPH Apartment to be not only very good, but also superior to the SAS Lounge. If you have the chance to visit the lounge, you should definitely check it out! Check out our rating of the CPH… Read More

Copenhagen Airport, also known as Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, is the most important airport in Scandinavia. It serves 24 million passengers a year and is the hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Norwegian Air Shuttle and Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia are also very important for the growth of the airport. In our Airport Guide, we want to help you to come along with the big airport. Copenhagen Airport has a really rich history. It… Read More

Waiting for our flight from Copenhagen to Geneva, we spend some time in the SAS Business Lounge at Copenhagen Airport. What do you think about the atmosphere?