Hagar Qim Malta

Hagar Qim is a megalithic temple complex, which is located on Malta. The still very well conserved monument is part of the UNESCO world heritage. In this special, we’ll explain why visiting Hagar Qim is well worth it. You can find more content about Malta on our island page! Malta has several cities and monuments worth exploring. For example, we very much enjoyed visiting Valletta as well as Mdina and Rabat. If you are… Read More

Mdina National Museum of Natural History

Mdina on Malta is also known as “the silent city”. Its history dates back about 4000 years. Once capital of Malta, the medieval city with just about 230 inhabitants, has kept most of its charm. During different times Mdina has according to its rulers been referred to in various ways. One of the names which still describe Mdina very well was: Citta Notabile (in English: the noble city). The name says it… Read More

Bucharest Palace of Culture and Science

Athens is a city about which Europe was speaking a lot in the last months. Debt crisis, misery of Greece’s inhabitants. Nevertheless, tourism is flourishing in Greece like ever before. No wonder taking into account which cultural heritage Greece and especially Athens has to offer! When being a fan of history, Athens definitely is a must-go! Find more content about Athens on our city page! Athens is one of the oldest cities… Read More

National Museum of Lithuania

Lithuania has a very troubled, but also rich history. When we visited Vilnius, we decided to pay the National Museum of Lithuania a visit. The entrance fee is low and the museum itself was quite satisfying. Something worth mentioning as well was the kind and helpful stuff who made the experience very special! Learn more about Vilnius on our city page! Lithuania as a state occurred in the 13th century for the very… Read More

Zurich is one of the cities which facilitates cultural activities such as museums and galleries, concerts and theaters. Moreover, the offering of culture in Zurich is very rich. Over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, a municipal theater and the Opera House where performances take place regularly – culture is of huge importance in Zurich. Find more content about Zurich on our city page! Museums in Zurich As I mentioned before, Zurich… Read More

Usually, we are not visiting many museums. We like to get a feeling of a city by strolling through the streets and also visiting areas that are not known as touristic spots. Yet, in Gothenburg we decided that visiting the City Museum could be really interesting as we did not know much about the past of Gothenburg before we visited the Swedish city. After an extensive tour through the museum, we can… Read More

Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Moreover, Gdansk’s history is a very eventful one. Nevertheless, in regards to culture, Gdansk has not as much to offer. What the Polish town has are a few museums and galleries, but what excels Gdansk in cultural aspects are its festivals. Find more content about Gdansk on our city page! Museums in Gdansk The most famous museum of Gdansk is its History Museum… Read More

A lounge in Copenhagen, culture in a city in Switzerland, public transportation in Kuala Lumpur, a hotel in Abu Dhabi or a jogging route in Cascais, Portugal – these are just a few examples of what was going on this week. Here’s our usual overview featuring the last week on traveluxblog. Check it out to make sure you didn’t miss anything! Even though we released our detailed review of the SAS Business… Read More

Switzerland is a special case in every regard. The Swiss city Geneva evolved to a financial capital. But it’s not the responsibility in terms of money which excels Geneva in the first place as it is also a capital for culture and arts. Several museums, parks and even offers for the disabled make Geneva a very interesting place to go. Find more content about Geneva on our city page! Museums in Geneva Hardly any… Read More