Nyhavn Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and became similar like Stockholm one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scandinavia. Being most famous for the Little Mermaid – which is indeed very small – Copenhagen is very interesting due to its canal system. Our top things to do and see in Copenhagen! More information about Copenhagen on our city page! Explore Copenhagen by boat Exploring Copenhagen by boat may not be the most… Read More

When you are searching for a luxury hotel in Copenhagen, you have only a small choice. As we had a connection flight the next morning, we decided to stay at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport. The location is pretty solid as you are able to reach the city center in less than ten minutes. A hotel you should definitely consider for either a business or a leisure trip to the Danish capital! Check out our… Read More

Nowadays, Copenhagen is a prosperous town: Multitude of shopping facilities, the largest pedestrian system in the world, the capital of Denmark and thus the seat of the National Parliament. Moreover, Copenhagen is known for being a center of culture, arts and liberal politics. Furthermore, Copenhagen offers a lot of entertainment activities and, of course, sightseeing, as it is one of the biggest cities in Scandinavia. Find more content about Copenhagen on our city… Read More

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is especially known for its “Little Mermaid”. Anyway, Copenhagen has so much more to offer, even in a cold autumn month. We explored the city not on foot, but with a boat, were freezing and desperately searching for a place in a café. With success? Unfortunately, nope. Nevertheless, the so-called “Happy Wall” made us smile despite the cold. Admittedly, everyone is aware of the tendencially cold temperature… Read More

Waiting for our flight from Copenhagen to Geneva, we spend some time in the SAS Business Lounge at Copenhagen Airport. What do you think about the atmosphere?