DB Lounge Bremen

DB Lounge Bremen is one of the smallest DB Lounges in Germany. With room for not more than 20 people, the lounge feels quite cozy. At the same time, there’s not a huge choice of different seating arrangements. While the view is nothing to write home about, the choice of entertainment options was great when we spent some time in the lounge. Reasons for a city trip to Bremen on our city… Read More

DB Lounge Hamburg Seating

In general, lounge reviews aren’t rare on traveluxblog. What’s rare are reviews of train lounges. However, this isn’t a surprise as there are just not many train operators which also offer lounges. One of the few is Deutsche Bahn, the main operator of trains in Germany. As we had a short stop in Hamburg on our journeys, we decided to also review the DB Lounge Hamburg. Find more content about Hamburg on… Read More

Train Cologne

IC (First Class) – for very special train trips you may choose this German train. When you are lucky, you are getting a new configuration, but normally you’ll get an old one. Traveling in the First Class of IC trains actually feels like a step back in time. The seats are extremely plush, wide and comfortable, but the colors are strange to say at least. Train traveling in another century! German trains… Read More

My train journeys in Germany have been unlucky in the last months. Anyway, I feel like it is interesting to write a review about the board product itself. The Inter City Express (ICE) is the fastest and most comfortable train in Germany. It is divided into two classes. This review features the First Class at an ICE train. First of all, it is important to note that not every ICE-train is the… Read More

Leipzig Central Station

I was running fast, I was searching for other options, I was hoping to get home this day. All went wrong last monday when I tried to get from Ingolstadt to my new hometown Frankfurt (Oder). Things got better when I finally boarded a train. Yet, it took another ten hours until I finally came home. So, which chances did I have? There was a single long-distance train this evening: The ICE to… Read More

ICE First Class

Sometimes you are just not lucky. Last Monday was one of these days for me. I’ve been taking a train from Ingolstadt (that’s a city close to Munich in the South of Germany) that usually should have brought me home in around seven hours. In the end I arrived after 14 hours and had  an overnight stop in Leipzig. But, and that’s the positive side of it: I enjoyed another memorable experience… Read More

Looking back on week 3

Our third week was filled up with content from all around the world. Our focus was on cities and trains. We got a story about the best part of train travelling in Germany and a review of one of the fastest trains in the world. If you are more likely to read something about cities, we’ll recommend to have a look at our Hamburg experience. Last but not least, we got some nice pictures from… Read More

Passenger Rights Form DB

When speaking of lounges, you may usually think about airports. But there are lounges at train stations as well. We tried the “Deutsche Bahn” First Class Lounge in Munich and were very positively surprised. The service is fast, the comfort is solid and the food had a good taste. You may have read my last post about my journey with “Deutsche Bahn”. Not everything went good but it was a fun experience… Read More

Central Station Stuttgart

In our first days we have focused only on reviews about hotels, cities and airlines. Today, we are introducing a new “category”: Trains. In our opinion, high speed trains are getting more and more important every year. On several routes driving by train is more convenient and faster than taking a plane. That’s why we start our “journey” into the train world with a special which will show you one thing at least:… Read More