First day in Brazil to discover! Florianopolis is a rather small town with a lovely promenade and an interesting old town. Stay tuned for the full city review!

Inner City Bologna

New journey is about to begin. Bologna was the first city on our way, yet just a short stopover. The few hours we spent strolling around in the city were very sunny and we had a great time in the historical city!

Port Elizabeth is a city in South Africa which is definitely worth visiting, but has many facades at the same time. However, we didn’t know anything about Port Elizabeth in advance as hardly any information is available online. So, here are our top things to do and see in Port Elizabeth! Follow the Donkin Heritage Trail The Donkin Heritage Trail is a route through Port Elizabeth which leads you past the most… Read More

Vltava Prague

Good morning! Yesterday, we discovered Prague and are now excited to go out and see the Castle in particular. Let’s see what else the day brings.