DoubleTree Resort Zanzibar Nungwi Beach

The DoubleTree Resort Zanzibar Nungwi is a resort in the North of Zanzibar. While I liked the location and the hospitality, I wasn’t totally happy with my stay as you can read in this extensive review. When we decided to go to Zanzibar, we were debating about which hotel would fit our needs. We were thinking about more luxurious options first but settled on the DoubleTree Zanzibar Nungwi in the end as… Read More

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town One Bedroom Suite

After four nights at the DoubleTree Resort Zanzibar, we decided to head to the DoubleTree Stone Town. The hotel is located in the historic center of Zanzibar City and has a very traditional charme. As the hotel is relatively young, the rooms are modern and very cozy. In addition, the food and beverage offerings are very good. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!