DoubleTree Cracow Pool

The DoubleTree Cracow Convention Centre is a new hotel located a little outside of the city center. In this hotel review, we’ll explain what you can expect of staying here! You can find more content about Cracow on our city page! The DoubleTree brand is somewhat a full service property, while still not being luxury. The new hotel in Cracow perfectly fits into this scheme as it offers a very high level… Read More

DoubleTree Resort Zanzibar Nungwi Beach

The DoubleTree Resort Zanzibar Nungwi is a resort in the North of Zanzibar. While I liked the location and the hospitality, I wasn’t totally happy with my stay as you can read in this extensive review. When we decided to go to Zanzibar, we were debating about which hotel would fit our needs. We were thinking about more luxurious options first but settled on the DoubleTree Zanzibar Nungwi in the end as… Read More

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Entrance

The DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town is one of two DoubleTree properties on the island. It’s not a resort, but rather located in the old historic center of town. My expectations were exceeded overall and I’d definitely recommend staying at this hotel. You can find more content Stone Town on our city page! As one of many more DoubleTree hotels in Africa, the Zanzibar Stone Town property opened just a few years ago… Read More