Minack Theatre Cornwall

Minack Theatre is a unique open-air theatre in Cornwall. This world famous sight located on a beautiful stretch of coast is definitely worth a visit. In this extensive destination guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about visiting! Cornwall is known for a couple of things, many of these are focused around the amazing nature of te place. Yet, Minack Theatre also deserves its spot as one of the most interesting… Read More

Running in Cornwall

Running in Cornwall is a truly beautiful experience. While this guide will be a little different than my normal running guides as I’m combining two runs, you’ll definitely get a great idea of why Cornwall is totally worth visiting! You can find more content about Cornwall on our Destination Page! While my running guides usually focus on particular cities, that’s a little more challenging in a whole region like Cornwall. However, the… Read More

Cross Country Header

The CrossCountry Second Class is one of the most common ways to get around in England if you are not travelling to or via London. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of a ride in a CrossCountry train. There’s been quite some feedback on my CrossCountry First Class review as people think that the supplement is not worth it. I would generally agree on that, especially if the difference… Read More

Torquay Harbour

We visited Torquay, a little sea town in the south-west of England in the beginning of February. Unsurprisingly, we were accompanied by the typical grey, cold English weather. Nevertheless, while Torquay doesn’t look like the famous seaside resort it has once been, it still is a nice town for a little get-away. You can find more content about Torquay on our city page! In this city guide I’ll give you a brief… Read More

London Eye

May I introduce? – London, a city in the heart of England with a very steady weather known as rainy. Sadly, our time in London with all its attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Oxford Street, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and so on and so on has come to an end, but not without being ‘honored’ on our blog before!