Bergen Floyen Viewpoint

Bergen is not only the second biggest city in Norway, it’s also one of the most interesting tourist destinations in whole Europe. The city itself is incredibly charming and a great starting point to so more of Norway and its fjords. If you are thinking about a trip to Norway, the first city which might come to your mind is Oslo. Fair enough as the capital is a nice enough and accessible… Read More

InterContinental Lisbon Junior Suite

The InterContinental Lisbon is a luxury hotel located in the business district of the city. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect of the hotel and why I think it’s not one of the best places to stay in the city. You can find more content about Lisbon on our city page! I’ve stayed at various InterContinenatl Hotels over the course of the years. This is including the amazing InterContinental… Read More

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

The Colombi Hotel Freiburg is known to be the best hotel in the city and one of the best hotels in the whole area. While I enjoyed my stay, I wouldn’t say that the hotel is really worth the price tag. Check out this review to learn more! If there’s one hotel to stay at when in Freiburg, it’s obviously the Colombi Hotel. The property is a member of the prestigeous Leading… Read More

Conrad Algarve Outdoor Pool

The Conrad Algarve is a luxury hotel located on the Algarve Coast in Portugal. In this extensive hotel review, we’ll explain why staying here is really enjoyable and why you should think about a trip here! While the Conrad Algarve is mainly a summer property in the way that rates are the highest in this season, it’s also a great place for all other seasons. Classification: Five Stars Room Category: Grand Deluxe… Read More

Salon Solano Lyon

The Salon Solano Lyon is an independently operated lounge at Lyon Saint Exupery Airport. The modern lounge in Terminal 2 is a decent place to hang out before departure, in my opinion. Read why in this extensive review! You can find more content about Lyon on our city page! While Lyon is an important airport in France, it’s not a big hub for any airline, which means that most lounges at the… Read More

InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is without any doubt one of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe. However, during my two stays at the property, I did only learn to love one thing. Read in this extensive hotel review why I was slightly disappointed by the property. You can find more content about Cannes on our city page! When I visited Cannes for the first time during the Film Festival, Nicole Kidman… Read More

Nimes Amphitheatre

Nimes is a city in France, which is often a bit in the shadow of neighboring Arles. However, the city has a lot to offer and is a really beautiful touristic destination. In this city guide we’ll explain what you have to see when visting Nimes! You can find more content about Nimes on our city page! There are many cities in France offering a full range of interesting sights of all… Read More

Quai Lucien Lombard Toulouse

Toulouse is a French metropolis between Bordeaux and the Côte d’Azur. While not as widely known as a touristic destination, Toulouse has lots of charme. Check out this City Guide to get an idea of what to do and what to see in Toulouse! You can find more content about Toulouse on our city page! Toulouse plays an important role in the French economy as several companies, among those Airbus, play a… Read More

Radisson Blu Chisinau Lobby

The Radisson Blu Chisinau is the only chain hotel in town and is supposed to be the best option for staying in the city. In my opinion, it’s not only a good option for staying in Chisinau, but actually one of the best Radisson hotels I’ve ever been to! You can find more content about Chisinau on our city page! The Radisson Blu Chisinau is located right in the city center and… Read More

Dijon Old Town

Dijon is known for its mustard, but the city has a lot more to offer than this. In our Dijon City Guide, we’re explaing what you need to know about visiting Dijon and its many sights! You can find more content about Dijon on our city page! Over the course of last months we’ve visited dozens of cities and France and while I also enjoyed visiting Dijon, it wouldn’t be on top… Read More