I’ve been asked about my experience with WordAds quite a few times now and wanted to share with you, how advertisement on traveluxblog works and what you can earn with WordAds! You might have already recognized that we’ve got a small ad in the bottom of all our articles (directly above the comments). This square ad should usually shows something travel related or anything related to your personal browsing history. This ad… Read More

Etihad First Class Seat

From Economy to First. What sounds just totally incredible is exactly what happened to us when flying from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi. As the experience was so unexpected, it’s definitely worth a special article which hopefully makes you have a great feeling when driving to the airport next time. There’s always something amazing which may happen on the counter! You can find our extensive review of the Etihad Airways First Class following… Read More

Canal in Venice

Venice is a city without cars or actual streets. In Venice, you get from A to B via boat and the streets are canals. There are some bridges as well, but strolling through the very small alleys really is something unique! All about our experiences and thus recommendations will be published in a few weeks when we have explored a little more.  

This week was full of new experiences. Even though we haven’t been far away, we explored three new hotels, two new cities and a new airline! Moreover, we released several reviews and other interesting content of our earlier journeys! Visiting Bremen? We got a helpful transportation guide for you! South Africa does not only have great nature, but also great lounges! Beautiful metropolis, amazing running. Our running guide of Prague! Small streets,… Read More

After one year and dozens of weeks, looking back looks way more simple now. Only two words, but as many amazing content as in the last year. I hope you’ll keep on enjoying our look backs! On Monday, we released our top things to do and see in Riga! Staying in Eastern Europe, next was our Airport Guide for Prague! An exceptional new property on another continent: Hilton Panama! Talking of exceptional:… Read More

This hotel preview definitely doesn’t feature a „normal hotel“. The Icehotel Jukkasjärvi may be the most unique hotel all over the world. Even though it is as expensive as many top-notch hotels, the experience offered is not even close that luxurious. Guests who spend a night at the Icehotel need to accept a temperature of -5°C (23°F) and don’t have opportunity to sleep in. Traveling at times may be just enjoyment, but for many travelers… Read More

Hardly any city has as much to offer as Geneva in Switzerland. The country in the Alps is known for being a very neutral partner, so many negotiations take place there. Not any surprisingly, Geneva established itself as a center for culture, politics, economy and many international organisations. Above all, Geneva also is a very beautiful and attractive city for tourists. There’s only one thing to be aware of like in all other Swiss cities: Switzerland is a… Read More

As we are living close to the Polish border, visiting many cities in Poland is on our itinerary for the next months. In the last week, we started with the lovely city of Gdansk that we left on Monday. On the weekend, we also had the chance to experience the renowned Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. In between, we released several interesting content pieces and a really interesting guest article on luxury… Read More

New year, new chances, new opportunities, new experiences! In our case today, new cities on top. So the first new city in 2015 is … Gdansk! Even though we enjoy our time here, it is also appropriate to look back on the last week. Which means that if you missed some of our daily new stuff, here’s the chance to check out the “old” content! New hotel chain: We reviewed and rated our first… Read More