Running in Paris Eiffel Tower

Running in Paris is always an amazing experience. Just two weeks before the horrible terror attacks in the city, I had the pleasure of running there. I could have hardly enjoyed the experience more as the weather was beautiful and the scenery in Paris was more than just that. Starting at Le Bristol Paris, my starting point for running in Paris couldn’t have been any better. No wonder I started my run… Read More

Running in The Hague

Running in The Hague was one of these athletic activities which was not blessed by the weather. Did it hinder me enjoying the city? Not at all, as I had a very special plan for running in The Hague. Even though the beach is located a mere five kilometers away from the city center, I wanted to see the sea– and I didn’t fail. Running in The Hague started a little different than… Read More

Running at Fancourt

Running at Fancourt may not sound too spectacular as not leaving the areal means that there is not very much to see. Even though running at Fancourt definitely consisted of a lot of green spaces (golf courses), it was actually more varied than expected. See why it’s worth to go running at Fancourt! Find more content about Fancourt! Manor House at Fancourt gives guests the opportunity to go running on several different… Read More

Running in Brussels

Running in Brussels is not very easy as there are not many parks in the city. Nevertheless, Brussels has a lot to offer, so you’ll find a nice area for running for sure. When staying at Sofitel Brussels Europe, I decided to pay the European Quarter and the parks in the approximate a visit. Even though I had to cross one or another street, the running experience was great. Find more content… Read More

Running in Bremen

Running in Bremen is a recommendable experience for everyone who loves nature and sports. As Bremen is one of the greenest cities in Germany, you’ll always find a perfect route. Mine, for example, led me along the “Wallanlagen”, over to the river with a small detour to the city center and the old town and back again along the Wallanlagen. Absolutely enjoyable and fully recommendable. Learn more about Bremen on our city… Read More

Running in Wroclaw

Running in Wroclaw was quite enjoyable – if you leave out my problems with the GPS. Even though it was a short run anyway, I was surprised to only find one kilometer mapped after my run. Yet, this is not too much of a problem as I was running in a large park anyway. Due to that, it doesn’t really matter whether you exactly follow my route as you’ll enjoy the run… Read More

Running in Poznan

Poznan in Poland has a very interesting and also extensive old town. However, as our hotel for this particular trip was located in a neighborhood a little further away from the old town, I decided to go for a nature run which I combined with watching the daily life of the people living in Poznan. Even though this run was no sightseeing run like many else I do, I utterly enjoyed running… Read More

Daugava Riga

Running in Riga is a very special experience. As I already mentioned in my first review, running in most Eastern European cities is quite challenging. Rarely any of the cities has real running paths or routes that are amazing for running. However, I enjoyed discovering the old town of Riga as well as running along the Daugava, the biggest river in the city. Find more content about Riga on our city page!… Read More

Running in Stockholm is something utterly amazing. When I had the chance to explore the amazing city with my running shoes, I was kind of unlucky with the weather. However, I enjoyed my run nevertheless as Stockholm perfectly combines maritime feeling with great running paths. Running in Stockholm feels like running in nature as well as in a metropolis at the same time! Find more content about Stockholm on our city page!… Read More

Running in Berlin became something like a passion of me as we visit Berlin quite often. This time, I decided to run along the Spree to get a feeling for the jogging routes of the citizens. Sadly, running along the Spree is not as easy as you may except as the routes right next to the river end abrupt. Nevertheless, running in Berlin was quite interesting once again! Find more content about Berlin on our city… Read More