Grand Large Bridge Dunkerque

Dunkerque is a charming city in the North of France with a beautiful beach, a couple of remaining historic buildings and last but not least, a very troubled past. Check out this city guide to learn more about visiting Dunkerque! Before we get into what Dunkerque is worth visiting for, it’s worth noting that I don’t think that Dunkerque is one of the most beautiful cities in France. In fact, Dunkerque has… Read More

Avignon Palais des Papes

Avignon is a city in the South of France, approximately 100 kilometers away from Marseille. The city has some really beautiful historic monuments and is a real hidden gem. In this city guide, I’ll explain why visiting Avignon is an amazing experiene! You can find more content about Avignon on our city page! For most tourists visiting the South of France, places on the visit include cities like Nice, Cannes or Aix-en-Provence…. Read More

Rennes Bus

Transportation in Rennes is surprisingly well organized. The city, while not very big, has an automatic metro system, which allows quick and easy access to all parts of town. Rennes is very well connected to Paris by TGV, but also to other cities in the region and a bit further away. In general, the train network in France is very good, which means that you can not only get to Rennes easily,… Read More

Salon Solano Lyon

The Salon Solano Lyon is an independently operated lounge at Lyon Saint Exupery Airport. The modern lounge in Terminal 2 is a decent place to hang out before departure, in my opinion. Read why in this extensive review! You can find more content about Lyon on our city page! While Lyon is an important airport in France, it’s not a big hub for any airline, which means that most lounges at the… Read More

InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is without any doubt one of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe. However, during my two stays at the property, I did only learn to love one thing. Read in this extensive hotel review why I was slightly disappointed by the property. You can find more content about Cannes on our city page! When I visited Cannes for the first time during the Film Festival, Nicole Kidman… Read More

Fort National Saint Malo

Saint Malo is a really charming city in the North of France, located right next to Dinard. In this city guide, we’re showing you what you need to see and why visiting Saint Malo is such a great experience. You can find more content about Saint Malo on our city page! There are many interesting city in the North-West of France, one of those is Saint Malo. The city is just a… Read More

Sheltair Lounge Paris CDG Seating

The Sheltair Lounge Paris CDG is the only Priority Pass Lounge in Terminal 2D. While it’s far from being a great lounge, it’s an alright place to hang out before your departure. In this review, we’ll explain what you need to know about the lounge! You can find more content about Paris on our city page! Terminal 2D is mainly a low-cost terminal as it’s mainly used by EasyJet. However, there are… Read More

Nimes Amphitheatre

Nimes is a city in France, which is often a bit in the shadow of neighboring Arles. However, the city has a lot to offer and is a really beautiful touristic destination. In this city guide we’ll explain what you have to see when visting Nimes! You can find more content about Nimes on our city page! There are many cities in France offering a full range of interesting sights of all… Read More

Quai Lucien Lombard Toulouse

Toulouse is a French metropolis between Bordeaux and the Côte d’Azur. While not as widely known as a touristic destination, Toulouse has lots of charme. Check out this City Guide to get an idea of what to do and what to see in Toulouse! You can find more content about Toulouse on our city page! Toulouse plays an important role in the French economy as several companies, among those Airbus, play a… Read More

Dinard Bay

Dinard is a really charming coastal city in the Bretagne. Located not far away from St. Malo, the city might not boast dozens of sights, but offers charming bays, beaches and more. You can find more content about Dinard on our city page! This will be one of the shorter destination or city guides here on traveluxblog as Dinard isn’t really a big city, but rather just a larger town. It’s a… Read More