Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is the third busiest airport in Australia after the airports in Sydney and Melbourne. In this airport guide we’ll sum up all the important information about the airport, which you may need when connecting or departing from Brisbane. You can find more content about Brisbane on our city page! Brisbane is an important Pacific Gateway and thus a major international airport in the region. There are several daily international flights… Read More

EasyJet A319

Even though Belfast isn’t very big, there are actually two airports. This airport guide features the Belfast International Airport, which is located a little further away from the city center. You can find more content about Belfast on our city page! Belfast International Airport is often referred to asĀ Aldergrove Airport, which is how the airpot was formelly named. At that time, the first intercontinental connection to New York was established. However, this… Read More

We’ve arrived at the Seychelles and are currently enjoying the amazing Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort. Impressions are following in the upcoming days. Yet, there was also lots of interesting content last week. If you missed anything, here’s all the content summed up! We’ve started the week with our review of the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre! One of the best lounges in the world. Our review of the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney!… Read More

One week in the South of France, a few days in the office and now we’re on the way to the Oman and Zanzibar. That might sound crazy, but at least there’s lot of content on the way! New impressions, guides and reviews were already released on traveluxblog last week. So if you missed anything, here is all our content summed up in one post. We started the week with impressions of… Read More

After several extremely busy weeks, this one was a little less hectic. With no travel for a couple of days, we took the time to prepare some content for the next weeks. However, we released a couple of interesting new posts this week anyway. Starting in early April, we’ll have daily new impressions again, this time of the trip to South America! One of the Hilton Honors sweetspots: Our review of Hilton… Read More

This week ends with a tour through South-Western Great Britain for us! The next big trip to Vietnam is on the radar, but for now there’s a lot of other content worth enjoying. If you missed anything last week, here’s our weekly overview! We’ve started the week with impressions of my work trip to Reichshof Hamburg! Our weekly hotel review featured the lovely InterContinental Davos! Meanwhile our lounge review of the week… Read More

Looking Back

Welcome in February! After an interesting first month of the New Year, we are looking forward to a couple of smaller trips and a longer trip to Vietnam in February! For now, we hope that you enjoyed our last week’s content and new impressions! We started the week with new impressions of Hilton Belfast! Followed by yet another Hilton. Our review of Hilton Dresden! Further impressions from Belfast. Definitely an interesting city!… Read More

January is coming to an end and we’re currently in Great Britain. It’s yet another month till the next big trip, but we’ve got some more smaller ones ahead. In the meantime, there’s also tons of content from earlier trips, which is yet to release. We started the week with impressions of the Lufthansa Business Lounge Non-Schengen Munich! Then we had something new from Australia: Our review of Sofitel Brisbane! More hotel… Read More

Time passes by and another week is over. While we didn’t travel too much this week, there are at least some new impressions from Verona in Italy. Other than that, we hope that you enjoyed our other reviews and guides. If you missed something, here’s everything summed up! You’re in holiday mood? Then you’ll definitely love our review of The Legian Bali! Departing from Brussels sometime soon? Here’s our review of the… Read More

The second look back of the new year is online! Last week, we’ve presented quite a lot of new content with a mix of reviews, guides and new impressions from travelling to Egypt! If you missed anything, be sure to take a minute. We’ve started the week with an extensive review of Hilton Lake Taupo! Some impressions of another property: Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort! Followed by impressions of the incredible Pyramids of… Read More