Heidelberg Suites Boutique Hotel Exterior

The Heidelberg Suites Boutique Hotel is a small luxury hotel in the charming German city Heidelberg. In this extensive review, we’ll give you an impression of what staying here is like and whether is worth paying for the hotel! If you are looking for a hotel in Heidelberg, there are only few real luxury choices. One of those is the Heidelberg Suites Boutique Hotel, which is part of the Small Luxury Hotels… Read More

Crowne Plaza Heidelberg Club Room

The Crowne Plaza Heidelberg City Centre is a typical chain hotel. The rooms are okay, but nothing special and feel a little dated. However, the Executive Lounge, while not all that cozy, comes with an amazing food spread. Additionally, there’s a very nice pool area in the basement. All in all, not a bad palce to stay in Heidelberg. Stay tuned for our extensive review here on traveluxblog!

The Heidelberg Suites Boutique Hotel is one of the most expensive, but also stylish hotels in the nice little German village. The member of the Small Luxury Hotels is a suites-only hotel and offers very modern interior in a great location. The service is very good, too. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!