Hagar Qim Malta

Hagar Qim is a megalithic temple complex, which is located on Malta. The still very well conserved monument is part of the UNESCO world heritage. In this special, we’ll explain why visiting Hagar Qim is well worth it. You can find more content about Malta on our island page! Malta has several cities and monuments worth exploring. For example, we very much enjoyed visiting Valletta as well as Mdina and Rabat. If you are… Read More

Berlin Wall
Athens Acropolis

Acropolis Athens is probably the most famous and important landmark of Athens. Moreover, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. Dating back to the 5th century BC(!), the historical and cultural value is incomparable. Taking into account that Acropolis Athens rises above Athens and consists of several separate worth-seeing relics, here’s our special about Acropolis Athens! More about Athens can be found on our city page! Nowadays, Acropolis… Read More

The Royal Palace of Brussels

The Royal Palace of Brussels is a very special attraction in the capital of Belgium. Located in the city center, the building is absolutely impressive from the outside. However, it’s even more stunning from the inside! Each year from July to September, the Royal Palace of Brussels is open for visitors, an opportunity we instantly took! Find more content about Brussels on our city page! You want to feel like a princess… Read More

Robben Island

We had a rainy, yet very interesting day on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. An ex-prisoner guided us through the buildings and we discovered the island with a bus. Very exciting insights!  

Lake Zurich

As almost every big city, Zurich developed through the time. Even though hardly anything is known about Zurich in prehistoric times, church influences, Zurich being a free city and the time of revolution are interesting enough to write about. Find more content about Zurich on our city page! Although some prehistoric settlements have been found, it cannot certainly be said to which date the history of Zurich goes back. The Roman era also… Read More

Usually, we are not visiting many museums. We like to get a feeling of a city by strolling through the streets and also visiting areas that are not known as touristic spots. Yet, in Gothenburg we decided that visiting the City Museum could be really interesting as we did not know much about the past of Gothenburg before we visited the Swedish city. After an extensive tour through the museum, we can… Read More

This world has so many beautiful cities to offer, it’s hard to not travel. We dreamt ourselves away to a hotel in Bali, in China and in Odessa. We discovered Salzburg, Berlin, Sintra and Gdansk. We gave information about an airport in Geneva and about running in Gothenburg. Last but not least, we reported about our amazing Christmas Dinner we had in Portugal last year. Check if you missed anything! Bali is… Read More

Forum Romanum Rome

Hardly any city has such a turbulent past like the Polish town Gdansk. It’s not sure when first settlements occurred, but the official foundation goes back to 997. That’s when the Bohemian Bishop Adalbert from Gniezno arrived there and christianized Gdansk’s inhabitants. Not only in the Middle Ages, but still in the 20th century, Gdansk was a much fought-over city. Find more content about Gdansk on our city page! Gdansk as a major… Read More