Running in Hoi An

Running in Hoi An was an interesting experience for me. Not only because there’s beautiful nature, but because I went in a different direction to what everybody knows about the city. Join me on this run to understand why! You can find more content about Hoi An on our city page! I’m a big fan of seeing a city through different eyes when it comes to running. This is something that was… Read More

Hotel Royal Hoi An Pool

The Hotel Royal Hoi An is the only luxury hotel in the historic city, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Not only is the hotel’s location very nice, but the hotel is totally worth recommending anyways. In this extensive hotel review I’ll explain what you need to know about the Hotel Royal! You can find more content about Hoi An on our city page! During my time in Vietnam, I… Read More

Hoi An Boat

Even though Hoi An is a relatively small city, it is one of the most famous places in whole Vietnam. The reason for that is the Old Town, which was named UNESCO World Heritage in 1999. In this city guide, I’ll show you which places you should see in Hoi An and why visiting the city is a really great experience. You can find more content about Hoi An on our city… Read More

Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful little city South of Danang in Vietnam. Sadly, the city is a little overrun by tourists, making the experience as such a little less enjoyable. Nevertheless, the small streets, large rivers and many attractions make Hoi An worth a trip anyway. Stay tuned for an extensive city review here on traveluxblog!