ICE Train

Germany is one of the countries with the most extensive train networks in the whole world. It’s not surprising that there are several luxurious high-speed trains, too. The ICE (First Class) is the best product the operator (Deutsche Bahn) has to offer. Leather chairs, complimentary entertainment, special service and more space are the main advantages of first class. ICE trains are the fastest trains that operate in Germany. The high speed trains… Read More

ICE Second Class

ICE (Second Class) – this is neither the most comfortable nor the cheapest way to get around in Germany. However, I’m a huge fan of trains, so I’d definitely recommend to take a train when you are traveling in Germany. Even though I feel like the First Class in ICE trains offers way better value for the money, Second Class is quite fine for shorter trips as well! ICE trains in Germany… Read More

My train journeys in Germany have been unlucky in the last months. Anyway, I feel like it is interesting to write a review about the board product itself. The Inter City Express (ICE) is the fastest and most comfortable train in Germany. It is divided into two classes. This review features the First Class at an ICE train. First of all, it is important to note that not every ICE-train is the… Read More

Central Station Stuttgart

In our first days we have focused only on reviews about hotels, cities and airlines. Today, we are introducing a new “category”: Trains. In our opinion, high speed trains are getting more and more important every year. On several routes driving by train is more convenient and faster than taking a plane. That’s why we start our “journey” into the train world with a special which will show you one thing at least:… Read More