New York JFK Airport

New York JFK Airport is very popular. However, it is only the sixth biggest airport in the USA. In total, the New York JFK Airport counts over 50 million served passengers a year and has six terminals as well as four runways. Due to its immense size, it is anything but easy to come around at New York’s biggest airport. Our guide helps you with the most important facts about the New York… Read More

To be honest, we are kind of spoiled when it comes to airport lounges. In the past, we had a great time in lounges in Europe, Asia and especially the Middle East. Due to that, there was only a little chance that the American Airlines Admirals Club at the New York John F. Kennedy Airport would satisfy us. However, we were not disappointed at the same time as the seating was very… Read More

Our last hour in the United States of America! Before departure, we spend some time in the AA Admirals Club at the JFK Airport in New York. Unfortunately, the lounge is very well-visited, which makes it nearly impossible to take a photo of the seating areas. But, and that’s the good thing, the view is absolutely photo-worthy and the technical equipment is new!