Running in Venice

Running in Venice may sound a little weird as Venice is more or less consisting of small islands. Nevertheless, there are actually some amazing running paths in Venice. While I can just recommend to definitely give running in Venice a try, I have to warn you at the same time: don’t leave “home” without GPS as you’ll have problems finding your way back! Find more content about Venice on our city page!… Read More

Running at Lake Constance

Lake Constance is not only the biggest lake in Germany, it’s also renowned for its beautiful nature. If you got the pleasure to spend some time by the lake, be sure to also include a running trip. I decided to go for one starting at our holiday house through the tiny village of Gaienhofen right along the lake. Beautiful is just one adjective which is totally fitting! Running at Lake Constance is… Read More

Running in Szczecin

Running in Szczecin was something I was not very much looking forward to. The city is neither known for its beautiful parks nor for its stunning sights. Nevertheless, I kind of enjoyed running in Szczecin. On the one hand, I enjoyed the river Oder very much and on other hand, I literally stumbled upon some very impressive buildings. Find more content about Szczecin on our city page! Running in Szczecin started quite… Read More

Daugava Riga

Running in Riga is a very special experience. As I already mentioned in my first review, running in most Eastern European cities is quite challenging. Rarely any of the cities has real running paths or routes that are amazing for running. However, I enjoyed discovering the old town of Riga as well as running along the Daugava, the biggest river in the city. Find more content about Riga on our city page!… Read More

Running in Boston

Running in Boston was something I was looking forward to some time as I heard about the good running conditions in the city. However, I wasn’t expecting that I would be running in Winter Wonderland once again after my journey through Helsinki in January. Anyways, running in Boston was very enjoyable nevertheless, even though the snow made it a little more tough than expected! Find more content about Boston on our city page!… Read More

With the Hotel Adlon in Berlin as a location to start your run, you can’t really take a wrong route. However, I’d recommend to follow a very special one if you want to connect an amazing run with some great sightseeing in the city. I was lucky enough to not only see much of the Boulevard “Unter den Linden”, but also many amazing museums and the parliament buildings. Not to forget about… Read More

Winter Wonderland. That’s what I experienced when running in Helsinki. As we stayed at the Hilton Kalastajatorppa, I had the pleasure to go for a run in the nature. The Kalastajatorppa area is absolutely beautiful and just perfect for running. I absolutely loved the atmosphere in winter, but I bet that the running route would be amazing in summer, too. Find more content about Helsinki on our city page! Running on a sunny… Read More

Berlin is one of the metropolises which does not really have one center, but many. As we are staying in Berlin very often, I got the chance to explore different running routes in Berlin. Our very first Running in Berlin will feature West Berlin which means the Tiergarten, Zoo and Kurfürstendamm area. Try this run if you want to mix sightseeing and nature! Find more content about Berlin on our city page! Even though… Read More

Usually, I’m going for a run in bigger cities, so I can do some sightseeing while running. In Cascais, the blue sky, the sun and the amazing views were just too great to not go for a costal run. Looking back, the run in Cascais was one of the greatest I’ve done in my life – especially in December. Find more content about Cascais on our city page! There are several reasons why… Read More

Sometimes you are lucky with the weather and sometimes you are not. In Gdansk, I had the feeling that I was blessed and deuced at the very same time. When I went running in the beautiful Polish port city, the sun was either shining or it was raining and very cloudy. Even though the weather was not any consistent, the run was a real joy – some beautiful pictures are the result!… Read More