Sometimes I feel like time flies by – just cannot believe it’s almost four months ago since we travelled India. However, we work thoroughly and thus don’t forget to tell you everything about our travels! Hope you enjoy the reviews, guides etc. like always. Our look back of last week: On Monday, we released our review of The Oberoi Bengaluru! The next day, the review of the Air India Lounge Delhi went… Read More

30 weeks, 30 weeks we loved to provide new content day by day. With different content from all over the world, we induldged you once again in the last week and hope that you’ll come back to visit our blog in the next one! On our way back home from Budapest, we checked out the SkyCourt Lounge. Our first impressions! Christmas is over for weeks, however we are still happy thinking about… Read More

Last week, we released several new posts on many different topics. You are interested in cities, hotels, airlines or lounges? Be sure to check out our look back as we got posts for every taste including previews of amazing hotels and reviews of lovely cities like Gdansk! To start the week, we released a guide about transportation in Geneva. Be sure to check it out before visiting the beautiful city in Switzerland!… Read More

A lounge in Copenhagen, culture in a city in Switzerland, public transportation in Kuala Lumpur, a hotel in Abu Dhabi or a jogging route in Cascais, Portugal – these are just a few examples of what was going on this week. Here’s our usual overview featuring the last week on traveluxblog. Check it out to make sure you didn’t miss anything! Even though we released our detailed review of the SAS Business… Read More

The last week took place in two different years! Because of this speciality, you have the chance to enjoy the last part of our “Best in 2014” series as well as a lot of new content we produced in 2015! If you had too much stress during new year, take the chance to have a look at our content today! We started this week in Cascais, a┬álovely little Portuguese town. Our last… Read More

Back in Germany, we want to present you our look back on week 14. We are grateful that you keep on supporting us and want to present you the content we delivered this week. If you didn’t have the chance to check out the blog this week, be sure to have a look at the look back! We started our week with an early flight in Geneva. Have a look at the… Read More

At the moment, we experience Jakarta, but tomorrow we’ll be on our trip home again. Travelling a lot this week, we were pretty busy, but did try our best to provide you with good content anyway. We hope you enjoyed following us along our trip to Jakarta and all the other pieces of content we realeased this week! On Monday, we released the hotel rating for┬áthe Bellevue Palace, a very interesting hotel… Read More