2017 is coming to an end and we on traveluxblog are incredibly happy that you remained to be our readers from January to December. Regardless of whether you are just checking out travelux once a year for a particular review or a regular reader, we are happy to have you! Today, it’s time to look back on a very interesting year on traveluxblog. We didn’t change all that much, but instead decided… Read More

Merry Christmas! We hope that your week wasn’t all that stressful and that you will find rest and happiness at Christmas Eve and the upcoming days. If you are bored or just want to get inspired for your upcoming travel, have a look at the content we’ve released last week! We started into the week with our review of the InterContinental Düsseldorf! We’ve also released a review of the stunning new LATAM… Read More

Christmas is coming closer every day. This is actually the last episode of looking back before Christmas Eve. Nevertheless, we didn’t reduce our pace and released lots of new interesting content pieces and hope that you enjoyed our impressions and reviews. If you did miss anything, here’s all our content summed up! To start the week, we shared out impressions of the Conrad Algarve! Another interesting luxury hotel. Our review of the… Read More

We’re currently in Lisbon and are returning back to the “cold part” of Europe tomorrow. In the last week, we’ve enjoyed the Algarve, but also released a lot of new content. We hope that you enjoyed our impressions from Grenoble as well as all our other contents. Here’s our weekly look back! A really cozy place. First impressions of the Park Hotel Grenoble! Not amazing, but a great value for the money…. Read More

The temperatures in Europe are dropping and we decided to visit winterly Grenoble this weekend. We’ll share some impressions of the trip in the next days. For now, we’d like to invite you to read all the content we’ve released this week. We hope you enjoyed the content and had a great week. Feel free to share impressions of your trips in the last week! What an impressive new luxury hotel. Our… Read More

The end of the year is coming closer, but there are still a couple of trips left this year. Among other places, I’ve been to Hamburg and back in Bavaria this week. Additionally, I’ve shared some impressions of my last week’s travel here on traveluxblog. So, enjoy our look back and check out the content you didn’t have a chance to read, yet! A good choice in Athens? Impressions of the InterContinental… Read More

Greetings from sunny Cannes! This week is coming to an end and we are spending an enjoyable weekend with a great view of the ocean. We hope you had an amazing (travel) week, too. In the course of the week, we’ve released several new guides, reviews and impressions of our journeys. In this post, we’re summing all our new experiences up! Disappointing. Impressions of my stay at the Hilton Paris CDG! Stylish… Read More

What a crazy week! I’m about to fly back to Europe, after having been to Avignon, the South of France and Montreal this week. We’ve obviously released lots of new impressions of the trip (Anna was joining me in France) as well as new guides and reviews. I hope you enjoyed our content once again. If you missed anything, here’s our weekly summary! Unique design in a historic building. Impressions of the… Read More

We’re currently on a trip to the South of France and in just a few days, I’m departing to Canada! Yet, there was quite some interesting stuff happening last week, too. This included a quick trip to Strasbourg and several new guides and reviews we released here on traveluxblog! Enjoy our last week’s content and feel free to let us know whether there is anything we could do better. Not a bad… Read More

Another week on traveluxblog is over and we released several new posts again. It was quite a busy week, too. We’ve been to Metz and Heidelberg and stayed at four different hotels in seven days. If you missed anything, check out our look back with all our posts! We started the week with a review of the Hilton Garden Inn Montvideo! A comfortable way to fly in Asia. Our review of the… Read More