Even though Malmö spreads the flair of being a small town, Malmö actually is the third biggest city of Sweden. Located in the South of the country, Malmö definitely is worth a visit. If you do so, here are some inspirations for things to do and see in Malmö! Cross the Oresund Bridge Due to its location, it is very easy to reach Malmö when coming from Copenhagen by train via the so-called Oresund… Read More

Usually, our transportation guides are focusing on several different means of transportation. But when it comes to transportation in Malmö, it is pretty easy to sum up all major facts. The public transportation system in the Swedish city is organized by buses solely. Moreover, there are taxis and bicycles that both play an equally important role in Malmö. Find more content about Malmö on our city page! As a small town, Malmö does… Read More

A hotel in Myanmar, being sportive in Kaliningrad, flying with TAP Portugal, testing a new hotel chain, visiting the beautiful Swedish city of Malmö and much more before we arrived in Winter Wonderland on Friday. Again, we wrote many articles about our experiences all around the world to make you part of our experiences and to give you a guide when travelling. Check out our newest look back! You know Nay Pyi Taw? Even though… Read More

Malmö is a small, very cute town in Sweden. Maybe not that small, as it is the third biggest city of Sweden. However, we did not have the feeling to be in a big city, as Malmö still does not have the flair of it. Strolling through the city, admiring the interesting buses, seeing different sides and faces of Malmö, freezing due to the cold November month and finally eating a great… Read More

As we are living close to the Polish border, visiting many cities in Poland is on our itinerary for the next months. In the last week, we started with the lovely city of Gdansk that we left on Monday. On the weekend, we also had the chance to experience the renowned Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. In between, we released several interesting content pieces and a really interesting guest article on luxury… Read More

Malmö is nowadays one of the biggest cities in Sweden, holding place three in total regarding the inhabitants. Nevertheless, Malmö was part of Denmark some decades ago and an interesting area for Vikings. Moreover, Malmö had undergone changes in regard to religion as well and was first mentioned in the 13th century. Where the reasons lie will be clarified in this city history about Malmö. Find more content about Malmö on our city… Read More

Malmöfestivalen is something almost everybody has heard about before. Being the biggest festival of Scandinavia, all kinds of cultural activity can be found there. Therefore, it’s not just music, but also arts and design, lifestyle, sports, food and drink and some specials for the youngest, so-called kids events. Even though this might be the incorporation of culture in a city, this only takes place in August. But Malmö has much more to… Read More