Pullman Montpellier Exterior

My stay at the Pullman Montpellier Centre was special in a unique way. Due to heavy snowfall, it was hardly possible to leave the hotel, but my base for the time in the city was at least nice enough. Check out why I think that the Pullman is an okay choice in Montpellier, in my opinion. Montpellier is actually known to be a city with lots of sunshine and hot temperatures, but… Read More

Préfecture Montpellier

Montpellier is the third largest city in Southern France after Marseille and Nice. After our first visit to Montpellier ended in a snowy disaster earlier this year, I opted for another visit during May. Let’s say I barely even recognized the city the second time around. The first time we arrived, there were about five to ten centimetres of snow and everything was at a standstill – no public transportation, cars got… Read More