Train Travel in the Netherlands

Train Travel in the Netherlands is something, which is quite handy if you want to experience the country. But especially as a foreign you might ask yourself, how things are working in the Netherlands. With this guide, I want to explain some of the most important things about train travel in the Netherlands! As …

Skyline The Hague

The Hague is known for being the international city of justice. Not any surprisingly, one of its most important and impressive buildings is the Peace Palace. Moreover, The Hague is the third biggest city of the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. What characterizes The Hague is the fact that there is a cool mixture …

Canal in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is located in the Netherlands and the second biggest city of the country after Amsterdam. Moreover, the harbor of Rotterdam is one of the most important ones in whole Europe! But it’s not the sheer size which makes Rotterdam interesting and worth seeing, but especially the unique architecture! What to see and do …

The Hague city review

The Hague is a great city to discover. The impressive Peace Palace which houses the International Court of Justice and a big beachfront are just two of many more awesome things in The Hague. Whether it is great shopping opportunities, impressive historical buildings or the possibility to swim in the Atlantic – The Hague has …

Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands after well-known Amsterdam. Special attention goes to Rotterdam as the city has the third biggest harbor in Europe! However, Rotterdam also has a lot to offer as a cultural center. Strolling through Rotterdam literally is a journey of discovery! Rotterdam Info kind of designed a …

Canal in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands. As it feels like every building itself is special, we totally fell in love with Rotterdam. But there’s definitely more to enjoy than just the buildings!

King Junior Suite Hilton Rotterdam

Hilton Rotterdam is the choice for our second night in the Netherlands! Rotterdam is an utterly amazing city, and Hilton meets up to the great standards of Rotterdam. Decent lounge, chic lobby and a good King Executive Suite make us love Hilton Rotterdam!

Skyline The Hague

The Hague, a city with half a million inhabitants, is the third biggest city of the Netherlands. However, it just does not feel like being in a big city when visiting The Hague, also known as Den Haag. Small streets, mostly brick houses and many bicycle paths speak another language!

Hilton The Hague Lobby

When we checked-in at Hilton The Hague in the Netherlands this morning, we could hardly believe that this should be a Hilton. The design of the room is creative and good, not the “boring” usual way we know from Hilton!

Amsterdam Grachten

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the main hub of KLM. Whoever wants to fly with KLM a long-haul flight will have a stop to interchange in Amsterdam. Whether it is to have some time between two flights or a real city trip to Amsterdam, the following are the top things to do and see in …