Sognefjord Cruise Bergen

Sognefjord in a Nuthsell is a combination of a fjord cruise as well as two train rides, allowing you to see a lot of Norway’s nature. In this special, I’ll explain what it is about and why I enjoyed the tour! Sognefjord in a Nutshell is a tour you can build yourself to some extent. You can either start in Oslo and go to Bergen, start in Bergen and get back there… Read More

Bergen Floyen Viewpoint

Bergen is not only the second biggest city in Norway, it’s also one of the most interesting tourist destinations in whole Europe. The city itself is incredibly charming and a great starting point to so more of Norway and its fjords. You can find more content about Bergen on our city page! If you are thinking about a trip to Norway, the first city which might come to your mind is Oslo…. Read More

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Oslo The Vigeland Park Fountain

We visited Oslo, the Norwegian capital on our way to the Seychelles as well as on our return. The two day trips couldn’t have been any different. One day it was cloudy and raining heavily with a cold breeze, the other day it was incredibly sunny and warm. So in the end we got to see the city from two very different perspectives as you will notice by looking at the pictures. Oslo… Read More

Royal Palace Oslo

On our way back from the Seychelles, we had the chance to enjoy a sunny day in Oslo. As these first impressions show, the city is well worth visiting. There are several interesting attractions as well as endless beautiful streets. Stay tuned for an extensive city guide here on traveluxblog!