Hotel Palace Berlin

We’re back in our favorite house in Berlin, the Hotel Palace, in our favorite room! As we noticed we never featured this one, here you finally are!

At the moment, we are continuing to travel! Our first stop on our way is the Hotel Palace in Berlin, a hotel to which we return quite often (check out our latest review of Hotel Palace).    

Having a flight at six in the morning is never fun. As we didn’t want to spend a night at the airport once again and as it’s always a pleasure to stay at the Hotel Palace in Berlin, we decided to sleep there a few hours before taking off. Honestly, checking out at 4 AM tomorrow is even for us a real premiere… Nevertheless, we took the time to enjoy an Afternoon… Read More

There are some hotels we really like coming back to, even though we love testing new places. The Hotel Palace Berlin is one of these. We already reviewed the hotel some months ago, but with new impressions and a new room, we feel like it is time to update our readers on the status-quo at the luxury hotel in Berlin. Check out our hotel rating for Hotel Palace Berlin! On some days you… Read More

As we came back late from Gothenburg, we decided to stay the night in Berlin. Once again, our residence is the Hotel Palace, this time decorated in a lovely christmas style.

Looking back on week 3

Our third week was filled up with content from all around the world. Our focus was on cities and trains. We got a story about the best part of train travelling in Germany and a review of one of the fastest trains in the world. If you are more likely to read something about cities, we’ll recommend to have a look at our Hamburg experience. Last but not least, we got some nice pictures from… Read More

Breakfast Hotel Palace Berlin

There are hotels you are always very likely to return to. The Hotel Palace Berlin is one of those. It may not be the hotel with the best facilities in Berlin but in my opinion, it offers a brilliant experience anyway. The staff is extremely nice and makes all your wishes come true. That’s why I’ll always return to the Hotel Palace. Have a look at our Rating for Hotel Palace Berlin! Find more… Read More