Gare de Poitiers

Transportation in Poitiers isn’t very difficult. There is no metro, no tram, but only buses. This means that getting around is very simple and easily explained. An alternative to buses is taking a taxi. You can find more content about Poitiers on our city page! In our transportation guides, we usually explain all different options to get from A to B, including trams, metro etc. Yet, Poitiers isn’t that fancy when it… Read More

Mairie de Poitiers

Poitiers is a lovely French town in the region of Vienne. The city is known for its various historic facades and its interesting location on a mountain, making it quite difficult to even get to the core of the city. However, you should take the steps up as Poitiers is awaiting you with real beauty. You can find more content about Poitiers on our city page! In this city guide, I’ll try… Read More

Place du Mairie Poitiers

Bonjour travellers,  After Anna presented you with new impressions from visiting Notre-Dame in Paris, I’m back to share my impressions of visiting Poitiers, which is a great destination for a day trip. While we’ll have a more extensive city guide here on traveluxblog as well, I’ll inititally share my impressions here. As a regular reader, you are aware that I’m trying to discover as many places in France as possible during our… Read More