Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Moreover, Gdansk’s history is a very eventful one. Nevertheless, in regards to culture, Gdansk has not as much to offer. What the Polish town has are a few museums and galleries, but what excels Gdansk in cultural aspects are its festivals. Find more content about Gdansk on our city page! Museums in Gdansk The most famous museum of Gdansk is its History Museum… Read More

Hardly any city has such a turbulent past like the Polish town Gdansk. It’s not sure when first settlements occurred, but the official foundation goes back to 997. That’s when the Bohemian Bishop Adalbert from Gniezno arrived there and christianized Gdansk’s inhabitants. Not only in the Middle Ages, but still in the 20th century, Gdansk was a much fought-over city. Find more content about Gdansk on our city page! Gdansk as a major… Read More

The Polish city Gdansk is an absolutely beautiful one. Especially the “Stare Miasto” is really worth seeing. Next to strolling in the Stare Miasto, doing so at the waterfront promenade is really nice as well. It might be true that visiting Gdansk is not something to do sight-hopping like in cities as London, Paris or San Francisco for example, but the flair of the Polish city really makes it unique – even… Read More

Sometimes you are lucky with the weather and sometimes you are not. In Gdansk, I had the feeling that I was blessed and deuced at the very same time. When I went running in the beautiful Polish port city, the sun was either shining or it was raining and very cloudy. Even though the weather was not any consistent, the run was a real joy – some beautiful pictures are the result!… Read More

New year, new chances, new opportunities, new experiences! In our case today, new cities on top. So the first new city in 2015 is … Gdansk! Even though we enjoy our time here, it is also appropriate to look back on the last week. Which means that if you missed some of our daily new stuff, here’s the chance to check out the “old” content! New hotel chain: We reviewed and rated our first… Read More

Even though the weather in Gdansk is still horrible, we arrived at our second hotel: The Hilton Gdansk. Luckily, we got a room with a beautiful view once again. That definitely helps to forget about the bad weather!

Well, even though this is not the nicest weather to be welcomed, here’s our first photo of the city of Gdansk, Poland! Anyway, that’s our view over the Old Town of Gdansk from our room at the Mercure Gdansk, hope you like it! It took some time, but sometime in the afternoon, this lovely and tasty surprise awaited us after exploring the city in the rain. And yes, we do like liquid… Read More