Porto, sometimes also called Oporto, is the third biggest city in Portugal after Lisbon and Vila Nova de Gaia. Many “secret” corners. interesting buildings, unique memorials and local cuisine are part of the top things to do and see in Porto! Admire Ponte Dom Luís I. This bridge connects the city of Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia. Special about Ponte Dom Luís I. is the fact that it has two levels. The… Read More

Portuguese cities got a very good network when it comes to public transportation. So does the third biggest city in the country, Porto. Even though the city does not even have close to a million inhabitants, there is a large network consisting of trams, metros, regional trains, buses and even some ferries. For tourists, coming around in Porto is very easy and convenient. Find more content about Porto on our city page! Many… Read More

Porto is one of the biggest cities in Portugal. To be quite honest, it is a really typical city when it comes to South Europe. Some very small streets, some very big streets, the near to the Atlantic, some historic buildings and castles, some museums and a climate where it is always warm, even in winter. Porto is a beautiful city and has much to offer! Find more content about Porto on our city… Read More

Hotels located in business districts usually are nothing special. However, the Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa proved this thesis wrong and makes very good appearance in our hotel review. With modern rooms, an amazing breakfast on the executive lounge and a lovely spa in the basement, the Porto Palácio Hotel in the third biggest city of Portugal is really worth the money! Check out our rating for the Porto Palácio Congress… Read More

We hope that you had an amazing Christmas and some calm moments! First-hand experience: That’s not that easy when having a family together. However, we “moved” once again from Cascais (Portugal) to Porto, this time residing at the Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa.