British Airways Airbus A320

British Airways regional Business is the premium product offered on European flights by the British flag carrier. As most European carriers, there is no real Business Class seating which means that you just get Economy seats in the first rows with more legroom and a free adjacent seat. There’s also better catering and more personalized service. However, I didn’t find the British Airways regional Business Class to be extraordinary good in any regard…. Read More

Lufthansa is known for its brilliant long-haul first class, but not at all for its premium product on short haul flights. Nevertheless, the Lufthansa Business Class on regional flights is not bad. While service and food are very good, the seating is average at best. Is paying extra for business class on Lufthansa regional flights worth it? Check out our rating of Lufthansa (regional Business)! Our regional flight in the Lufthansa Business… Read More