Opera de Rennes

Rennes is one of the biggest cities in the North-West of France and features a couple of interesting sights. In this city guide, we’ll explain why visiting the capital of the Bretagne is enjoyable and why the destination is suitable for more than just a day trip from Paris! While Rennes is located in the Bretagne, famous for its impressive beaches like in Dinard, forts like in Saint-Malo or just landscapes by… Read More

Rennes Bus

Transportation in Rennes is surprisingly well organized. The city, while not very big, has an automatic metro system, which allows quick and easy access to all parts of town. Rennes is very well connected to Paris by TGV, but also to other cities in the region and a bit further away. In general, the train network in France is very good, which means that you can not only get to Rennes easily,… Read More